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RUBY RED - Costume Design

Image credit Elkie McCrimmon


In February 2021 I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Artist Ruby Ward and Costume Maker Jasmine Barron. Our key influence was Rauschenberg's 'Pelican' with the aim to take up space and have a flexibility to move into different shapes.

Robert Rauschenberg. Pelican. 1963

Image credit Moma

This was my starting design

Our initial intention was to use Ridgeline corset boning but when feeding it through the channels it was apparent that it wasnt stiff enough to give stucture to the vast quantity of fabric.

This is the back section with Ridgeline, he looked spookily human like when sat on the couch.

I then went on a nighttime adventure, granny trolly in-hand and was able to get a golf umbrella, lantern, kite and circular metal hamper to see if the rods in each would work down the channels instead.

It worked! each of the umbrella rods dissected and reattached with LX tape was the perfect amount for each of the channels.

I added some final touches in the drive and then it was ready to be photographed.


Here are the final Images I took


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